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Yellow Room by Shelan Rodger : Review

Last year I was fortunate enough to read Twin Truths by Shelan Rodgers and you can read my review here.

This year I bring you my review of her next book Yellow Room.

Haunted by a tragic accident from when she was young Chala's whole life has been mouded by guilt and secrets. After the death of her stepfather who took his own secrets to the grave, Chala re-evaluates her life and volunteers at a Kenyan orphanage. There, she gets caught in the turmoil of the country and takes action to help those suffering. Chala must eventually return home where she is forced to reveal a truth that my ruin her future, making her realise that some words should be left unsaid.

When I began reading Yellow Room my heart ached for Chala, her childhood had left scars on her that she carried throughout her life which affected her relationship with her Paul "As he drew her up from the chair and into his arms, she felt equal tugs of gratitidue and fear: gratitidue for his ability to to paint away the bubbles from her past, for this faith in their future, and fear that she didn't deserve it."

As the plot unfolds Chala uncovers a part of her life that she was missing and when she reconnects with a person from her childhood a number of her questions are answered, her memories are challenged and her fears are removed.

Shelan Rodger has grown up in a patchwork of different cultures and landscapes, Born in Nigeria, she grew up up among an aborogina community, and moved to England, aged eleven. After graduating from Oxford, she travelled to Argentina, England and then Kenya. She now lives in Andalucia, Spain. Her professional career has revolved around around international education and learning and development.

Shelan has an amazing way of drawing the reader into the plot and once I picked the book up I was unable to put it down. The book is written in 3 parts with an epilogue containing the most fantastic twist. With a reference to the film Sliding Doors leading to the big build up in the epilogue I was gripped throughout.

Well done Shelan and thank you and Cutting Edge Press for the opportunity to review your second book.

Secrets are like scars that heal over a wound that never quite disappears.


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