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Wales in their own words : Adele Nozedar, Brecon Beacons Foraging

In my blog series Wales : In their own words I am introducing readers to the people behind the businesses I have got to know and love in my travels around Wales. A huge thank you to Adele of Brecon Beacons Foraging who kindly gave up her time to answer my questions.

Name   Adele Nozedar

Business Name Brecon Beacons Foraging ... and more!

What does your business do? I teach people about wild plants, ostensibly, but really it's about allowing people to remember they are a part of nature too

What is your most popular product? As well as walks and other experiences (such as boaty foraging!) I am a best selling author with 3 books about foraging; these are The Hedgerow Handbook, The Garden Forager, and Foraging with Kids. I'm also a shinrin yoku (forest bathing) /ecotherapy practitioner and this is something I want to concentrate on a little more in the future. I also do perfume workshops and gin workshops. Its all great!

What is your personal favourite? The books and the walks and meeting people are all part of the same thing - totally inspiring!

Where are you based?  In the beautiful, the glorious, the profoundly wonderful Brecon Beacons, a place of mystery and magic, mining,  poetry and song

How long have you been in business?  Brecon Beacons Foraging has been established for about 6 years

What are your hours?   er......this doesnt really apply to me. 

Where can people find you? Outside! Also at or via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

What is the easiest/most fun part of your business?    People and writing.

What is the hardest part of your business? Paperwork and fielding stuff.

Where do you live? The Brecon Beacons

How do you relax?  Yoga,  writing, gardening, walking, music  - same as 'work' I suppose! I would LOVE to have a harp.

If you weren’t doing this what would you do?   I have absolutely no idea. I was in music for a long time, and PR - I do like helping promote other peoples' businesses. Id like also to spend more time making

Is this the career you thought you would have?  Ive never thought about it.

Where did you train/learn? Self-taught. 

Where did you grow up?   Yorkshire coast

Where else have you lived? London

What is your favourite meal? Gosh. Thats a toughie. Guacamole. A mazzive bowlful, with lots of lime and chillis, just for me. And a very big spoon!

What is your favourite telly programme? Dont actually watch TV much BUT loved  After Life on Netflix, Killing Eve on the BBC and a really naughty one, this - Come Dine With Me.

What have you been reading in Lockdown? Under The Greenwood Tree by Thomas Hardy. The lack of cars and the reliance on community right now is making me thing of the time before the industrial revolution. I would love to go back to much simpler times.

Are you a Welsh speaker? No, sadly, apart from the odd phrase.

Would you ever leave Wales?    Never say never.

What makes Wales so special?  The magic in the air is palpable in certain places.

Do you do online sales? Yes. at the moment I am selling my books directly to keep afloat. Contact me if you want to buy them, please! 

Do you attend events? Yes. Normally but I'm also enjoying staying at home and pottering in the garden, writing, and walking my dogs

Where is your happy place? It's a sort of stillnessor tranquility inside, I think, rather than an actual place.

Where is your favourite hidden gem? That would be telling!

Who inspires you? My dog, Finlay. He's kind, gentle, patient with my younger badly-behaved dog, is highly intelligent and never makes judgements. He lives in the moment and has little interest in material possessions. All he needs are 2 bowls and a bed. He is curious, interested in other animals, human or otherwise. If more humans were like my dog then the world would be an even more wonderful place (I agree Arthur my old boy is exactly the same).

How did you adapt your business during the pandemic? Foraging during the lockdown would have been perfect, social distancing precluded it. I enjoyed the freedom that restrictions bring.

Could you recommend one of your favourite websites? I dont have one.

Where can people find you on Social Media? See above - Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and my own website.

Anything else you would like to say? I do think we are looking at the biggest opportunity forr the human race. I hope that we are wise enough to discard the detritus of our former lives and opt for a simpler life. PS the pic credit is Tim Jones, As You See It Media.

Maybe you want to know more, why not purchase a VOUCHER?


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