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Wales : In their own words : Cag Rodwell Glass Art

In my blog series Wales : In their own words I am introducing readers to the people behind the businesses I have got to know and love in my travels around Wales. A huge thank you to Cag of Cag Rodwell Glass Art who kindly gave up her time to answer my questions.

Name Carys Rodwell, Cag or Cags!!

Business Name Cag Rodwell Glass Art

What does your business do? I design and make fused glass to make you smile.

What is your most popular product? At the moment rainbow sun catchers or bunting, all made in glass.

What is your personal favourite? Glass baby bunting - because it's usually to welcome a new baby and I love the names.

Where are you based? Lovely Crickhowell!

How long have you been in business? 16 years(ish)

What is the easiest/most fun part of your business? The most fun is opening the kiln in the morning and wrapping parcels.

What is the hardest part of your business? Marketing and promotion.

Where do you live? Crickhowell.

How do you relax? Walking, keeping fit, swimming.

If you weren't doing this what would you do? I would be insane!

Is this the career you thought you would have? Absolutely not.

Where did you train/learn? I trained as a Norland Nanny many years ago and pretty much self taught myself glass.

Where did you grow up? I was born in Caerphilly, South Wales.

Where else have you lived? London, Caribbean, Florida, Cinderford, Berkshire, Herts.

What is your favourite meal? Breakfast.

What is your favourite telly programme? Dancing on Ice.

What are you reading at the moment? Poster Boy by N J Crosskey.

Are you a Welsh speaker? Sort of, I learnt at school and can get by but definitely not fluent sadly.

Would you ever leave Wales? Not forever.

What makes Wales so special? The people, the hills, the music, the colours, the fantastic food, the cwtches.

Do you do online sales? Yes Cag is donating 10% off all sales of the Rainbow Sun Catchers to the NHS.

Do you attend events? Yes. (Cag was one of my stand holders at the Wales Week / Berkshire along with 7 other wonderfully Welsh businesses at the Welsh Emporium Pop Up Shop at John Lewis in Reading).

Where is your happy place? The seaside - rain or shine.

Where is your hidden gem? Three Cliffs Bay

How have you adapted your business during this pandemic? I have done more promotion and have been learning new skills.

Thank you so much Cag for answering my questions and my lovely gift of Cwtch card and Mummy Rainbow, can't wait to see you again either in Crickhowell or one of Mike's classes! Diolch.


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