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Wales in their own words : Fly 2 Wales : Dorian True

In my blog series Wales : In their own words I am introducing readers to the people behind the businesses I have got to know and love in my travels around Wales. A huge thank you to Dorian at Fly 2 Wales who kindly gave up his time to answer my questions.

Name: Dorian True

Business Name: Fly 2 Wales

What does your business do? Promoting & providing holiday information on Wales to overseas, international and UK tourists.

What is your most popular product? Our enthusiasm for our home country.

What is your personal favorite? We love all of Wales as every different part has its own uniqueness.

Where are you based? Both Swansea and Pontyclun

How long have you been in business? This will be our 8th year.

What are your hours? Monday – Friday from 9am until 4pm.

What is the easiest/most fun part of your business? Meeting different people and finding out what they do.

What is the hardest part of your business? Communication from other tourism bodies in Wales and sharing ideas for the greater good of Wales.

Where do you live? Swansea

How do you relax? I personally love American cars and also in my spare time re-enact as an FBI agent for events and hopefully future film work.

If you weren’t doing this what would you do? Probably spend more time on my other businesses which is a Hair Salon.

Is this the career you thought you would have? No, I am actually a Car Mechanic by trade and did work for British Airways as an Aircraft Mechanic many years ago.

Where did you train/learn? Merthyr Tydfil Technical College.

Where did you grow up? In a small village called Troedyrhiw, in the Borough of Merthyr Tydfil.

Where else have you lived? Briefly in Newport and now living in Swansea.

What is your favorite meal? A good Sunday Roast.

What is your favorite telly programme? Don’t watch much day time TV so Amazon Prime it is, The Curse of Oak Island is a favorite at the moment.

What are you reading at the moment? I don’t read that much to be honest with you.

Are you a Welsh speaker? I am not.

Would you ever leave Wales? Possibly but it would have to be for a financial reason meaning business etc.

Do you do online sales? Yes but only for Welsh Tourism businesses as a web directory.

Do you attend events? Yes as many as I can.

Where is your happy place? I love Pembrokeshire and also the Gower.

Where is your favorite hidden gem? Caldey Island in Tenby.

How have you adapted your business during this pandemic? Unfortunately tourism has been hit hard so just riding the storm at the moment.

Could you recommend one of your favourite websites? We have many so would say unfair to pick a favorite.

Thank you Dorian and I look forward to seeing you again soon.


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