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Nell Gets Well : Chapter Four


I'm feeling like I've got more space, not just physically but mentally too. I also feel like I am not dashing all the time, I still am but I am feeling heaps calmer. I have also given myself space between me and temptation. I walked into a Tourism Meeting last Tuesday and all I could see was pastries and cakes when all I was wanting was a glass of water, so I sat down and stepped away from temptation.

Eating Out

I was dreading eating out but it was surprisingly easy! I scoured the menu and was drawn to the steak with mushrooms, tomatoes, onion rings and chips. Mushrooms are surprisingly ok on the Candida Diet as are tomatoes, onions rings are meh at the best of times and chips aren't really a big thing in my life so I asked for a bowl of broccoli! Washed down with 2 pints of Welsh water, a fun evening with Becca and a pub quiz to boot.

It's been hell

I lost my voice overnight on Thursday, spent the weekend being cold and aching, have done very little. Would like to say it’s some glamorous and exotic cold name but it’s not, it’s Herxheimer, it’s probably like cold turkey. I’m a sugar addict. If I just gave my body some sugar it will calm down.

But I won’t. Three weeks ago I handed my wine glass to Big W and said I don’t need this and started on a change. Of course it’s been hard - no sugar, no alcohol, no yeast, no dairy, no gluten, no caffeine, no fruit means amongst other things no tartiflette, malt loaf, marmite, coffee, sourdough, bacon, apples.

On the brighter side

However, I’m not thinking of what I can’t eat instead I’m concentrating on what I can eat. It’s incredibly hard but I’m doing it, and I’m doing it for me.

Because at 20lbs lighter, with brighter skin, sparkling eyes, dimples and one chin I need to see this through. I didn't start this regime to lose weight, I asked if I would lose weight and she said probably. To lose one and a half stone in under 3 weeks is massive and shows how much crap I threw into my body

I have felt ill for so long I can’t remember when I didn’t feel ill. My last 2 operations and the subsequent pain relief has “basically buggered my liver”, the PTSD is being treated and my colon despite a blocked valve recently is happier.

I’m happier and healthier

I’ve started wearing clothes I’ve not worn, I’ve put on my gym kit, I’ve run. Little steps.

My water consumption is high, my appetite is low, my eczema is reduced, my back doesn’t ache as much, I'm not snoring, I'm not sniffing, I'm not clearing my throat, my shoulders don't ache, I am sleeping much better.

The release of toxins and toxicity

The Herxheimer reaction is caused by the release of toxic chemicals (endotoxins) released from the cell walls of dying bacteria due to effective treatment. The Herxheimer Reaction is well recognized in medical circles and is certainly not confined to the world of natural medicine or supplements.‬

I’ve done this wisely with professional and medical guidance and support.

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