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Nell Gets Well : Chapter Three

Two weeks in

Where has the willpower come from? I have done 2 weeks and I am not craving anything, nothing is tempting me. I drove past the Chinese Takeaway and smiled but my mouth didn't salivate and my stomach didn't make my brain think it was necessary. I think my brain has moved on and is in tune with my heart. My little heart has been crying out for everything in my body to work well but my brain was being overruled by the evil Candida overgrowth and my arms and legs were just hanging around and I think I looked like a combination of slug, Mr Bump and Mr Tickle.


The realisation is that I can do this. I can do it. I bloody well can do it, and what's more I bloody well will do it. My little circle has got bigger and they are encouraging me wholeheartedly. No one I have spoken to has been negative. They are all supportive and like me are wondering where the willpower came from. I still go food shopping, I still cook, I still go past the cafes and restaurants I used to frequent but I am not missing them. I am also not missing the noise.


I am actually feeling calmer and am enjoying the peaceful place I find myself in. Hell's teeth I can still swear like a docker and shout like a foghorn but I am not feeling so angry. I can feel it in myself and others have said I'm looking calmer. So that's a good thing!


I have been ploughing through recipes books and online and have found some brilliant resources. I am still having boiled eggs for breakfast, lunch is a medley of anchovies, olives, salad and lots of black pepper, supper is chicken or fish with piles of veg. I must start writing down some menu plans as people have asked me.


I'm off to Wales today, I thought because I had done so well I could treat myself to a Starbucks at Membury, then my brain said hold on half a minute no way, you've been doing so well and if you slip off this track you will also slip further back than you were because you will be annoyed, you will think you're a failure and no, just no! I've not been socialising since starting this so I will see what my willpower does.

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